Grandmaster Wong shows that a fine difference in controlling the hands of a Boxer may mean he can or cannot counter-attack

Why are most kungfu practitioners today unable to fight a Boxer? It is certainly not because kungfu techniques and skills are inferior. The straight-forward answer is that most kungfu practitioners today have never been trained to fight. Most of them are only trained for demonstration. Indeed, most kungfu practitioners today are unable to fight not only against Boxers but against almost any martial artists who have practiced some free sparring.

The situation has become so pathetic that even some kungfu masters have doubts whether kungfu can be used for fighting! Some of them have discarded kungfu techniques for Boxing. When they teach their students sparring, they do not use kungfu techniques; they frequently use Boxing or Kick-Boxing. And some of them are actually good fighters.

As it has been mentioned often, what other masters and schools teach is their right and privilege, but we in Shaolin Wahnam believe that we can, and should, use kungfu skills and techniques for fighting, and we are ready to disclose how we do so with other kungfu practitioners who share the same philosophy. This series is part of a few series depicting how we use Shaolin tactics and techniques against Boxers. Subsequent series will depict how we use Shaolin tactics and techniques against other martial systems.

For those who are not very skillful yet, we suggest a gross outline of attacking a Boxer using long stances and body-work where we can minimize the Boxer's speed, and using kicks where we have the advantage of longer reach against his shorter jabs. Those who are more skillful may progress to finer points like closing or opening a Boxer's gate, and intercepting or flowing with his momentum. Many examples can be found in this and other series of video clips.

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“Shaolin Effective Tactics against a Boxer

Following the initial momentum of a Boxer, Eugene applies a series of attacks against him. Eugene uses two useful tactics. As the Boxer attacks, Eugene leans back to execute a side kick, employing the tactic of “long against short”. Having kicked the Boxer, Eugene continues with a series of attack directed at the same spot, employing the tactic of “pressing attacks” to fell the Boxer. What do you think of Eugene's example?
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“Shaolin Weakness in Application

Grandmaster Wong explains that although Eugene's tactics and techniques are good, their application is not good because it contains some obvious weaknesses which an opponent can exploit. He allows the Boxer to move in to counter-attack.
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“Shaolin Covering an Opponent Before Attacking Him

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates that it is necessary to cover an opponent before attacking him so as to minimize his chance of counter-attacking. If he moves in, you can respond accordingly according to his movement.
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“Shaolin Ready for the Opponent's Next Move

When you have “tamed” or covered an opponent, if he is skillful he still can neutralize it and counter-attack but it would be more difficult. Moreover, due to your control of the combat situation, his alternative moves are limited, so you are ready for his next move.
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“Shaolin Pressing an Opponent According to his Flow

All participants agree that the example demonstrated by James on a Boxer is good. He successfully applies pressing attacks on his opponent. Even when the opponent attempts to counter-attack, his attempts are not successful because James can neutralize them while he continues his own pressing attacks. This is possible when James has understood tactics and techniques and has planned his attack accordingly.
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“Shaolin Be Careful of a Skillful Boxer

Grandmaster Wong explains and demonstrates that while James' tactic of covering a Boxer is good, a skillful Boxer can still counter-attack. James, therefore, should press in close to the Boxer while covering.
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“Shaolin Wider Range of Techniques in Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong explains that while a Boxer is limited in his techniques, a kungfu exponent is not. A skillful kungfu exponent may turn an apparently hopeless situation to his advantage. Two examples are shown here. These examples, incidentally, reveal how kungfu developed. Combatants in the past were controlled as shown in the video, but gradually they discovered ways to overcome the control, and these ways evolved into kungfu techniques.
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“Shaolin Ready with a Sequence of Pressing Attacks

James explains his tactics and techniques in fighting against a Boxer. He closes or tames the Boxer and strikes him with a long strike. Immediately he moves in with a whirlwind kick and follows with another long strike. His main principle is to press into a Boxer giving him little or no chance to counter. James can do so if he has prepared his attacking sequence well.
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“Shaolin Using Kungfu Strong Points against Weaknesses of Boxing

Grandmaster Wong elaborates on James' tactics and techniques. James prevents the Boxer from striking by taming his elbow, using the tactic of “one against two”. If the Boxer bounces away, James moves in swiftly with a long strike (or a kick). If the Boxer covers his body, James could chop at his head or neck. James uses the strong points of kungfu against the weaknesses of Boxing.
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“Shaolin Using Long against Short

Roeland uses similar tactics against a Boxer, posed by Padraig. He closes the Boxer's gate and uses long attacks to press against a Boxer whose counters are relatively shorter in range. If the Boxer tries to bounce away to escape the control, Roeland moves in swiftly to cover the Boxer's retreating space.
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“Shaolin Counter-Attacks by a Boxer

Grandmaster Wong first demonstrates how Roeland presses into a Boxer. Then he demonstrates how a skillful Boxer may break Roeland's pressing attack and counter-attack.
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“Shaolin A Boxer's Parrying and Counter-Attacking

Instead of moving back when pressed in by an opponent, a skillful Boxer may rotate his waist and use his forearm to deflect the pressing attacks, then counter-attack. Or he may parry or ward of the attacks with his open palm, then counter-attack.
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“Shaolin Be Prepared for a Boxer's Strong Points

Grandmaster Wong explains another way a Boxer may counter-attack. When his hands are close, he may rotate his waist to deflect the opponent's taming hands and simultaneously counter-attack. This, in fact, is a strong point of a Boxer. A kungfu exponent must, therefore, be prepared for such counters from a Boxer.
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From Gross Outline to Fine Details in Shaolin Kungfu from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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