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The Secret of Pressing Attacks

This video clip reveals two secrets that were jealously kept within inner kungfu circles.

There is a kungfu saying that the hands are meant for opening an opponent, the legs are meant to defeat him. A manifestation of this saying is found in kicks. Kungfu kicks are purposely inconspicuous; they connect without an opponent realizing them.

Those interested in kungfu stories may have heard of the historic thirteen Shaolin monks helping Li Shih Min establish the Tang Dynasty. At an imperial celebration, the leader of the monks, Yuan Zhong, who declined to be made the grand-general, gave a demonstration of Shaolin Kungfu. He demonstrated a Shaolin set called “Bao Quan”, which means “Cannon Fist”. Some of the video clips below show the secret of the Cannon Fist.

Why are we in Shaolin Wahnam revealing these secrets? These videos are primarily meant for Shaolin Wahnam Family members, but we are happy to share the knowledge with others who may be interested. One of our main aims is to restore the former greatness and glory of kungfu, irrespective of styles or schools. Without revealing secrets, this aim cannot be realized.

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Surprise an Opponent with a Side-Kick

You may press in to attack, and pause to let your opponent to counter-attack. When he counter-attacks, you can surprise the opponent by leaning back with a side-kick using a pattern called “Happy Bird Hops up Branch”.

Right Spacing is Important

Spacing is important. If an opponent is too far away, you can step sideway to kick with the back leg. If the opponent is too close, you can roll-back to kick with the front leg.

Combat Sequence 9: Happy Bird Hops up Branch

This is Combat Sequence 9 which is named “Happy Bird Hops up Branch”. A good counter against the side kick is “Lohan Strikes Drum”. Immediately after striking the kicking leg, move forward with a follow-up attack on your opponent. It is important to guard against your opponent's leg when moving forward.

Lohan Strikes Drum

The initiator's mode and the responder's mode for Combat Sequence 9 are demonstrated. Note that in “Lohan Strikes Drum”, the front leg, not the back leg, is shifted back into a side-way Bow-Arrow Stance, and the striking point is the knuckles, not the wrist.

A Useful Counter against Kicks

Participants practice the responder's mode of Combat Sequence 9. The main pattern, “Lohan Strikes Drum”, is a very useful counter against kicks, especially side kicks.

The Tactic of Pressing Attacks

Combat Sequences 9 and 10 make use of the tactic of pressing attacks. The mechanics of pressing attacks is deonstrated. It is important to ensure “safety first” when pressing into an opponent.

The Element of Threat

In pressing attacks, there must be an element of threat. This video clip shows what pressing attacks should not be. The example shown here is not a pressing attack; it is a case of offering an opponent your arm for him to break.

Threatening an Opponent in any Attack

Here is what a pressing attack should be. The opponent must feel threatened -- yet the exponent is relaxed. The lack of threat is one reason why many kungfu practitioners are not combat efficient.

Lian Wan Bao or Continuous Cannons

Participants practice the tactic of pressing attacks using just two techniques, “Black Tiger Steals Heart” and “Fierce Tiger Speeds Through Valley”. This method of attack is called “Lian Wan Bao”, or Continuous Cannons, where the punches come like cannon balls.

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Secrets of Side-Kicks and Continuous Cannons from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Fundamental Shaolin Kungfu Training Programme of Shaolin Wahnam

1. Stances: the Foundation for Internal Force and Combat Efficiency
2. Footwork Secrets for Health, Efficiency and Elegance
3. Moving into a Same Direction using Different Ways to Gain Advantages
4. Picture-Perfect Forms and Flowing Movements
5. From Random Fighting to Patterns, and from Patterns to Sequences and Sets

6. One-Step Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
7. From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Guided Sparring
8. Using Techniques and Tactics in Sparring

9. The Five Basic Kicks
10. The Secrets of Side Kicks and Continuous Cannons
11. How You may Defeat Opponents Experienced in Random Free Sparring
12. How Would a Fragile Girl Counter a Powerful Sweeping Kick from a Muay Thai Fighter?

13. Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences
14. Safety First Before Executing Felling Techniques

15. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring
16. Sixteen Combat Sequences and Five Kungfu Sets
17. Surprise your Attacker with a Counter-Attack

18. Working out Ways to Fight a Boxer
19. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Boxers
20. From Gross Outline to Fine Details
21. Exploiting Advantage to Clinch Victory
22. Variety of Kungfu Techniques against Boxers
23. Analysis of Techniques Used against Boxers
24. Using Shaolin Kunfu against Boxing in Free Sparring

25. Effective Shaolin Tactics and Techniques against Kick-Boxing
26. Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing in Free Sparring

27. How to Handle a Karate Exponent
28. How to Handle a Taekwondo Exponent
29. How to Handle a Wrestling Exponent

30. Understanding the Typical Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters
31. Grandmaster Ho's Secrets in Countering Muay Thai Fighters
32. First Avoid Defeat, Then Secure Victory
33. Counteroing the Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters


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