Shaolin Kung Fu Combat Application

James fells Andy onto the ground using the Shaolin pattern "Lead Horse Back to Stable"

Many people have the mis-conception that there are no throws in Shaolin Kungfu. Actually there are more throws in Shaolin Kungfu than in martial arts known for throws like Judo.

Throwing is only one of the techniques in the category of techniques called felling with the objective of felling an opponent onto the ground. In Shaolin Kungfu there are many other ways of felling an opponent besides throwing, and some of these do not need holding an opponent first before felling him. These various felling techniques are traditionally known in Shaolin Kungfu as “Siew Lam Sap Pat Thiet” (“Shao Lin Si Ba Tet”), or the “Shaolin Eighteen Felling Techniques”.

Felling is generally not a combat-ending technique because after his fall an opponent can come up from the ground to continue fighting. Hence, it is usually followed with a decisive strike. In other words, you fell an opponent to put him at a disadvantageous position, then you finish him with a coup de grace. However, some felling techniques can be combat-ending. When you fell an opponent as well as when you have felled him, ensure that you cover yourself from his possible counter-attacks.

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“Shaolin Felling Tree with Roots

Eugene throws James onto the ground with a felling technique using the Shaolin pattern “Felling Tree with Roots”. It is similar to “Carry Tiger Back to Mountain” in Taijiquan.
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“Shaolin Double Butterflies Flying

The Butterfly Palm is an amazing technique in Shaolin Kungfu. Here James uses the Butterfly Palm in the pattern “Double Butterflies Flying” to counter Andy's felling attack
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“Shaolin Lead Horse Back to Stable

“Felling Tree with Roots” is used when an opponent has his right leg in front. If he has his left leg in front, using “Lead Horse Back to Stable” would be more suitable.
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“Shaolin The Importance of Footwork

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates the footwork involved in countering “Lead Horse Back to Stable”. The hand technique is suspended for the time being.
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“Shaolin Hiding Flower in Sleeves

Grandmaster Wong now demonstrates the hand technique using the pattern “Hide Flower in Sleeves” to release Sifu Ronan's grip. The effectiveness of the hand technique is enhanced by the footwork.
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“Shaolin The Six Harmonies

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates the counter with the six harmonies of feet, body, hands, essence, energy and mind.
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“Shaolin Making Kungfu Patterns Come Alive

Grandmaster Wong leads the class in performing the initiator's part of Sequence 14, “Lead Horse Back to Stable”. Only when practitioners apply these patterns in combat, do they come alive.
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“Shaolin Combat Application is Necessary

The class now performs the responder's part of Sequence 14. Without its combat application, it may just become “flowery fists and embroidery kicks”.
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“Shaolin Martial Art, not Flowery Fists

Course participants practice the combat application of Sequence 14, highlighting the fact that Shaolin Kungfu is a martial art and not “flowery fists and embroidery kicks” to please spectators.
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“Shaolin From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Conditional Free Sparring

Participants may be able to use kungfu patterns in pre-arranged sparring, but can they do so in free sparring. Of course, if they are systematically trained. The video clip here shows a progressive step in this direction
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Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Fundamental Shaolin Kungfu Training Programme of Shaolin Wahnam

1. Stances: the Foundation for Internal Force and Combat Efficiency
2. Footwork Secrets for Health, Efficiency and Elegance
3. Moving into a Same Direction using Different Ways to Gain Advantages
4. Picture-Perfect Forms and Flowing Movements
5. From Random Fighting to Patterns, and from Patterns to Sequences and Sets

6. One-Step Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
7. From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Guided Sparring
8. Using Techniques and Tactics in Sparring

9. The Five Basic Kicks
10. The Secrets of Side Kicks and Continuous Cannons
11. How You may Defeat Opponents Experienced in Random Free Sparring
12. How Would a Fragile Girl Counter a Powerful Sweeping Kick from a Muay Thai Fighter?

13. Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences
14. Safety First Before Executing Felling Techniques

15. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring
16. Sixteen Combat Sequences and Five Kungfu Sets
17. Surprise your Attacker with a Counter-Attack

18. Working out Ways to Fight a Boxer
19. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Boxers
20. From Gross Outline to Fine Details
21. Exploiting Advantage to Clinch Victory
22. Variety of Kungfu Techniques against Boxers
23. Analysis of Techniques Used against Boxers
24. Using Shaolin Kunfu against Boxing in Free Sparring

25. Effective Shaolin Tactics and Techniques against Kick-Boxing
26. Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing in Free Sparring

27. How to Handle a Karate Exponent
28. How to Handle a Taekwondo Exponent
29. How to Handle a Wrestling Exponent

30. Understanding the Typical Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters
31. Grandmaster Ho's Secrets in Countering Muay Thai Fighters
32. First Avoid Defeat, Then Secure Victory
33. Counteroing the Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters


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