James executes a series of attacks so skillfully that his opponent has no chance even to defend himself

This series discloses an important aspect of kungfu training not normally found in most other kungfu schools, namely technique analysis. With advice and help from Grandmaster Wong, course participants give reasons for the choice of their techniques and tactics, followed by comments from fellow participants.

As a bonus, the video clips here also give an idea to kungfu practitioners not familiar with kungfu combat application, how kungfu patterns can be used for combat. Many kungfu forms may appear merely decorative, but their functional beauty comes alive when matched with an opponent's movements.

These video clips show some effective tactics and techniques kungfu practitioners can used against Boxers. But this does not necessarily means that by applying them you will surely beat a Boxer, because other factors besides tactics and techniques are also involved. Nevertheless, if all other factors were equal, using these tactics and techniques, rather than bouncing about or using free-style fighting, will give you a far better chance of handling a Boxer effectively. It is also more rewarding. It will, for example, make your kungfu training meaningful, and is less likely to result in injury.

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“Shaolin Pressing with Thrust Punches

Alex uses a series of thrust punches to press into a Boxer. It is important to tame the Boxers hands while pressing in.
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“Shaolin Triple Attacks against a Boxer

Wei Joo uses a series of three attack against a Boxer. After kicking the Boxer, irrespective of whether the kick connects, Wei Joo follows up immediately with a left palm strike and right palm thrust.
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“Shaolin The Tactic of Pressing Attacks

The common factor in Alex' and Wei Joo's effective application against a Boxer is their pressing attacks. They press into an opponent, while ensure their own safety, without allowing him a chance to counter-attack.
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“Shaolin Exploiting an Advantaged Gained

Exploiting the advantage gained from striking a Boxer, Peter follows up with a kick and a chin-na (grip) to defeat the Boxer. There are no techniques in Boxing to release a grip as gripping is not allowed in this sport.
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“Shaolin Throwing a Boxer onto the Ground

Taking advantage of a strike and a kick, Max throws a Boxer onto the ground before he may realize what has happened. Max must, of course, has prepared himself well for this attack sequence.
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“Shaolin Attacking a Boxer's Weak Points

Andy excellently applies the principle of attacking an opponent's weak points. Andy initiates with two continuous kicks, then finishes him off with two long punches. Boxers are not trained to defend against kicks, and their jabs are normally shorter than a kungfu long punch.
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“Shaolin Understanding and Application of Tactics

Hwan King's sequence demonstrates his clear understanding and smart application of good tactics against Boxers. Creating an opportunity from a Boxer's jab, Hwan King closes him and strikes his ribs, and clinches victory by breaking his ribs with a whirlwind kick, and finishing him off with a deadly chop on his neck. If the Boxer covers himself to defend against the whirlwind kick, which is likely to do, he falls into Hwan King's strategy by exposing his neck to be chopped.
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“Shaolin Creating Advantage and Exploiting it to Clinch Victory

Padraig opens a Boxer's defence and strikes him with continuous punches. This is implementing the principles of creating an advantage and of exploiting an advantage to clinch victory.
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“Shaolin The Tactic of Continuous Cannons

Roeland's tactic is simple but is very effective if applied skillfully. It is known as “Continuous Cannons”, and was used by many masters in the past.
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“Shaolin A Long Sequence of Many Attacks

Here James executes a long attack sequence of many patterns when his opponent makes only one moves. What does this mean, and can this be possible?
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“Shaolin Successful Application requires Planning and Practice

It means (please see the notes in the above video clip) that James executes his sequence of attacks so well that his opponent has no chance even to defend. It is possible if James has planned and practiced his sequence well. (The video recording was impromptu. Not just the Boxer but even the video-grapher was not ready for James skillful and fast attacks.)
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Analysis of Shaolin Techniques against Boxers from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Fundamental Shaolin Kungfu Training Programme of Shaolin Wahnam

1. Stances: the Foundation for Internal Force and Combat Efficiency
2. Footwork Secrets for Health, Efficiency and Elegance
3. Moving into a Same Direction using Different Ways to Gain Advantages
4. Picture-Perfect Forms and Flowing Movements
5. From Random Fighting to Patterns, and from Patterns to Sequences and Sets

6. One-Step Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
7. From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Guided Sparring
8. Using Techniques and Tactics in Sparring

9. The Five Basic Kicks
10. The Secrets of Side Kicks and Continuous Cannons
11. How You may Defeat Opponents Experienced in Random Free Sparring
12. How Would a Fragile Girl Counter a Powerful Sweeping Kick from a Muay Thai Fighter?

13. Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences
14. Safety First Before Executing Felling Techniques

15. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring
16. Sixteen Combat Sequences and Five Kungfu Sets
17. Surprise your Attacker with a Counter-Attack

18. Working out Ways to Fight a Boxer
19. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Boxers
20. From Gross Outline to Fine Details
21. Exploiting Advantage to Clinch Victory
22. Variety of Kungfu Techniques against Boxers
23. Analysis of Techniques Used against Boxers
24. Using Shaolin Kunfu against Boxing in Free Sparring

25. Effective Shaolin Tactics and Techniques against Kick-Boxing
26. Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing in Free Sparring

27. How to Handle a Karate Exponent
28. How to Handle a Taekwondo Exponent
29. How to Handle a Wrestling Exponent

30. Understanding the Typical Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters
31. Grandmaster Ho's Secrets in Countering Muay Thai Fighters
32. First Avoid Defeat, Then Secure Victory
33. Counteroing the Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters


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