Shaolin Kung Fu against Muay Thai

Grandmaster Wong dislocates the attacking elbow of a Muay Thai fighter, posed by Max, then fells him onto the ground

Muay Thai fighters use elbow and knee attacks frequently. Many martial artists do not know how to counter them. Blocking such attacks, which is a common defence of many martial artists, is not advisable. These attacks are very powerful and in short range. It needs a powerful block executed quickly to stop them.

More formidably, as soon as you block one attack, another attack arrives, followed by more attacks in quick succession.

Then, how would you counter such attacks?

Firstly take note the techniques that are effective against Boxers and Taekwondo exponents would not be effective against Muay Thai fighters. You may use the tactic of “one against two” to control the hands of a Boxer, but a Muay Thai fighter can slip through with his elbow attacks at close range. You may brush aside a Taekwondo kick to move in to strike, but a Muay Thai fighter would grab your head and attack you with continuous knee strikes.

Of course there are effective tactics and techniques against Muay Thai fighters. Some effective ways are to lock their elbows, lock their kicking legs, and fell them onto the ground. You will find some examples in the video series here. You will also learn how to counter if a Muay Thai fighter grabs your head with one hand, and elbows your head at close range with the other.

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“Shaolin Locking a Muay Thai Fighter's Elbow

A favorite attack of a Muay Thai fighter is a thrust kick followed by a vertical elbow attack. Sifu Ronan demonstrates an effective counter.
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“Shaolin White Monkey Holds Branch

Grandmaster Wong explains the technique used by Sifu Ronan, executed in the Shaolin pattern called “White Monkey Holds Branch”.
The size of the video clip is 1.71 mb.
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“Shaolin Counters against Kicks and Elbows

Course participants practice felling Muay Thai fighters using “White Monkey Holds Branch”.
The size of the video clip is 1.13 mb.
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“Shaolin Simple if you Know the Right Technique

Many martial artists are at a loss when a Muay Thai fighter attacks them with a thrust kick followed by a straight elbow strike. But the counters are simple if you know the right techniques.
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“Shaolin Learning the Fine Points

Grandmaster Wong shows Andy some fine points when throwing an opponent.
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“Shaolin How would you Counter someone Elbowing your Head?

What would you do if your opponent neutralizes your grip on his elbow, grab your head strike your head at close range?
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“Shaolin Vertical Elbow to Deflect Horizontal Elbow

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates an effective counter against an elbow strike to the head. It is using a vertical elbow to deflect a horizontal elbow strike, then exploiting the opponent's unbalanced position to fell him onto the ground
The size of the video clip is 1.56 mb.
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“Shaolin Innocent Looking but Very Effective

The counter pattern is called “Fierce Tiger Returns to Highland”. Many martial artists may wonder how this pattern can be used in combat, not realizing that it is so effective to counter a difficult and deadly attack.
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“Shaolin Fine Points in Application

Grandmaster Wong explains some fine points in the application of the innocent-looking pattern.
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“Shaolin Importance of Solid Stance

Grandmaster Wong explains that having a solid stance is important in applying the counter-attack.
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“Shaolin Practicing Sequence for Spontaneous Response

Grandmaster Wong leads the class in performing the patterns of the counter-attack. Practicing the sequence of these patterns enables you to execute the counter-attack smoothly and spontaneously when needed. This is one of the secrets of attaining combat efficiency.
The size of the video clip is 1.47 mb.
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Shaolin Counters against Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

Fundamental Shaolin Kungfu Training Programme of Shaolin Wahnam

1. Stances: the Foundation for Internal Force and Combat Efficiency
2. Footwork Secrets for Health, Efficiency and Elegance
3. Moving into a Same Direction using Different Ways to Gain Advantages
4. Picture-Perfect Forms and Flowing Movements
5. From Random Fighting to Patterns, and from Patterns to Sequences and Sets

6. One-Step Sparring to Develop Combat Skills
7. From Pre-Arranged Sparring to Guided Sparring
8. Using Techniques and Tactics in Sparring

9. The Five Basic Kicks
10. The Secrets of Side Kicks and Continuous Cannons
11. How You may Defeat Opponents Experienced in Random Free Sparring
12. How Would a Fragile Girl Counter a Powerful Sweeping Kick from a Muay Thai Fighter?

13. Shaolin Felling Techniques and their Defences
14. Safety First Before Executing Felling Techniques

15. From Combat Sequences to Free Sparring
16. Sixteen Combat Sequences and Five Kungfu Sets
17. Surprise your Attacker with a Counter-Attack

18. Working out Ways to Fight a Boxer
19. Effective Tactics and Techniques against Boxers
20. From Gross Outline to Fine Details
21. Exploiting Advantage to Clinch Victory
22. Variety of Kungfu Techniques against Boxers
23. Analysis of Techniques Used against Boxers
24. Using Shaolin Kunfu against Boxing in Free Sparring

25. Effective Shaolin Tactics and Techniques against Kick-Boxing
26. Shaolin Kungfu against Kick-Boxing in Free Sparring

27. How to Handle a Karate Exponent
28. How to Handle a Taekwondo Exponent
29. How to Handle a Wrestling Exponent

30. Understanding the Typical Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters
31. Grandmaster Ho's Secrets in Countering Muay Thai Fighters
32. First Avoid Defeat, Then Secure Victory
33. Counteroing the Elbow and Knee Attacks of Muay Thai Fighters


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