Choy-Li-Fatt, Cleansing, Cosmic Breathing

Smiling from the Heart

Smiling from the Heart

Choy-Li-Fatt Choy-Li-Fatt

Force Training in Choy-Li-Fatt
Internal Force Training with Dumbbells
Mind-Level Training in Choy-Li-Fatt
The Aggressive, the External and the Internal
Against Multiple Attackers and against a
Highly Skilled Opponent

The Powerful Swinging Movements of Choy-Li-Fatt
Is Choy-Li-Fatt Unique or a Specialization
Within Southern Shaolin?

What Special Benefits One can Attain at the
Choy-Li-Fatt Courses?

How does External Force Become Internal?
Choy-Li-Fatt and 18-Lohan Art

Choy-Li-Fatt and Northern Shaolin
Choy-Li-Fatt Kungfu is Non-Religious
Similarities and Differences bwtween Hoong Ka and
Choy-Li-Fatt in Meeting Single and Multiple Opponents

Questions on Choy-Li-Fatt -- Overview


Should the Chi Flow be Still or Vigorous?
When to Cleanse, Build or Nourish
Relationship between Building and Cleansing
Mutual Effects of Cleansing, Building and Nourishing
Cyclic Processes of Cleansing, Building and Nourishing
Miscellaneous Questions on Cleansing, Building and Nourishing
Cleansing, Building and Nourishing in Chi Kung, Taijiquan
and Shaolin Kungfu

Philosophy and Procedure ofTraining
The Roles of Pattern, Skill, Chi Flow and Meditation during
Cleansing, Building and Nourishing

Chi Flow in Kungfu and Chi Kung in the Past

Smiling Chi Flow on Cleansing, Building and Nourishing
Opening the Heart and the Heart of Confidence
Cleansing Induced by Chi Kung Healers
Changing One's Life and Circumstances
through Cleansing

Cleansing through Prayers and Sincere Devotion
Karmic Effect and Letting Go
Questions on Cleansing, Building and
Nourishing -- Overview

Cosmic Breathing

Contribution of Cosmic Breathing to Combat Efficiency,
Internal Force and Spiritual Cultivation

Is it Benefitual to Use Cosmic Breathing as the Normal Breathing Mode?
Cosmic Breathing and Transcendental Big Universe
Cosmic Breathing for Spiritual Cultivation
Is Cosmic Breathing for Health Recovery, Vitality or Spiritual
Cultivation, and for Beginners, Interneditae or Advanced Students?

Cosmic Breathing in Chi Kung is Gentle and Powerful like the
Flower Set in Kungfu

Historical Development of Cosmic Breathing
Merging with the Cosmos
Focus Mode, Cosmos Mode and Expansion Mode
Abdominal Dan Tian and Other Dan Tians

We Need to Eat, Drink and Breath
Developmental Stages of Cosmic Breathing
Questions and Answers on Cosmic Breathing -- Overview