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Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course

Sifu Kai Uve Selection from Yang Style 108-Pattern Set -- Part 1
Selection from Yang Style 108-Pattern Set -- Part 2
Using Kicks against a Boxer
Intercepting a Boxer's Strikes
Catching a Monkey
Agility of Bow-Arrow Stance against Boxer Bouncing About
Four Gates Combination Set 1983
Cross-Roads at Four Gates -- Old Video
Ground Work -- Lazy Monkey Watching the Sky

Shaolin Counters against Muay Thai Fighters
Counters against Muay Thai Sweeping Kicks
Importance of Stance and Footwork in Countering Kicks
Counters against Muay Thai Knee Attacks -- Beginners' Level (Part 1)
Counters against Muay Thai Knee Attacks
Dragon Hand against Muay Thai Fighters (Part 1)
Dragon Hand against Muay Thai Fighters (Part 2)
Appropriate Techniques and Tactics against a Muay Thai Fighter
Using Side Kicks against a Muay Thai Fighter
Footwork in Meeting Multiple Attacks

Reacting to Attacks from Different Directions
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 1 -- Immortal Waves Sleeves
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 10 -- Shoulder Strike
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 11 -- Cloud Hands
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 12 -- Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 2 -- Punch Below Sleeves
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 3 -- White Snake Shoots Venom
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 4 -- Golden Dragon Shoots Pearl
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 5 -- White Crane Flaps Wings
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 6 -- Low Stance Single Whip

Taijiquan Combat Sequence 7 -- Thrust Kick
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 8 -- Move, Ward Off and Punch
Taijiquan Combat Sequence 9 -- Black Bear Sinks Hips
Old Version of Wahnam Taijiquan 12 Combat Sequences
Video-Clips-2: Titles

Chi Kung Intensive

Tapping Energy from the Cosmos
Spiritual Expansion into the Cosmos
Letting Go or Experiencing Wu-Wei
Focusing at the Dan Tian
Marvelous Results in a Short Time
Remarkable Results are Common in Shaolin Wahnam
Is the Course Expensive?
Developing Internal Force in One Day!
Overcoming Pain and Improving Sports and Mental Clarity
Different Types of Chi Flow from the Same Exercise

Internal Force Cosmic Shower for Purification
Experiemcing Satori asa Result of Spiritual Purification
Intensive Chi Kung Course of January 2006 -- Overview
Intensive Chi Kung Course, January 2006, Penang


Shaolin Golden Bell
Shaolin Iron Shirt and Flying Kicks
Selection from Iron Wire Set

Intensive 1

Internal Force, Kungfu for Combat, and Spiritual Expansion are Real,
and can Still be Attainable Today -- Overview

Entering Zen and Enjoying Chi Flow
Developing Internal Force in Stance Training
Advantaes of Using Stances
Subtle Joys of Stance Training
Being Here and Everywhere
Differentiating Yin-Yang in Footwork
From Black Tiger to Golden Dragon
From Poisonous Snake to Immorrtal
One-Finger Shooting Zen

Don't Let the Art Go to the Dogs
Spacing and Timing
Six Harmonies in Set Practice

Intensive 2

Do You Use Kungfu for Combat? -- Overview
Breath Control in Sequence Training
Breath Control inSet Practice
Going Back a Step
Developing Combat Skills in Pre-Choice One-step Sparring
Applying Kungfu Techniques Spontaneously and Correctly
Safety First in Combat and in Life
Correct Judgment and Spontaneous Change
Continuation in Sequence Practice
Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley

Combat Application of Fierce Tiger
Dark Dragon Draws Water
Starting Later Arriving Earlier

Shaolin Intensive 3

The Secrest of Sparring Methodology -- Overview
Flowing with the Opponent's Force
The Impiortance of Right Spacing and Right Timing
The Necessity of Appropriate Stances
When the Soul Reaches God
Free Choice within Chosen Set of Sequences
Various Ways of Moving In
Attacking an Opponent from Different Distances
Subtle Functions of Stances (1)
Subtle Functions of Stances (2)

Making Leg Adjustment when Continuing into Another Sequence
Martial Sports May Not be Suitable for Real Fighting

Intensive 4

Great Kungfu is a Process of Spiritual Cultivation -- Overview
Falling Safely with Break-Fall
Felling Tree with Roots
Confirming the Spiritual Teaching of Past Masters
Satori, a Glimpse of Closmic Reality
Finer Points in Attack and Defence
Fast, Spontaneous Responses in Combat
Yellow Bird Plays with Water
Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
Understanding Principles of Attack and Defence

Farmer Hoes Rice Field
Practicing the Shoulder Throw
Inexlicable Feeling of Joy and Spiritual Expansion
Great Kungfu is Spiritual Cultivation

Shaolin Combat Sequences

Basic Shaolin Combat Sequences -- Overview
Black Tiger Steals Heart
Poisonous Snake Shoots Venom
Precious Duck Swims through Lotus
Hang a Golden Star at a Corner
Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Dark Drragon Draws Water
Chop the Hua Mountain
Horizontally Sweep a Thousand Armies
Happy Bird Hops up Branch

Singing White Horse Presents Hoof
Yellow Bird Plays with Water
Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree
Fell Tree with Roots
Lead Horse Back to Stable
Farmer Hoes Rice Field
Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountain


The Spirit of the Dragon
The Crane, the Snake, the Tiger and the Leopard
The Spirit of the Monkey


Singing and Drinking Wine in Good Company -- Overview
Solamente Una Vez
A Japanese Song
Are You Sleeping, Brother John
A French Song
A Chinese Song

Taiji Bout

For Private Viewing Only
video Clips of All Britiana Taijiquan Full Contact Sparring Competition 2006
Taijiquan Free Sparring Competition Bout 1
Taijiquan Free Sparring Competition Bout 2
Taijiquan Free Sparring Competition Bout 3

Taijiquan Intensive

Using Mind to Direct Chi to Move Form in Wahnam Taijiquan
What You Learn at the Intensive Taijiquan Course -- Overview
Sifu Joko Riyanto of Indonesia Using Mind to Direct Energy to Move Form
Peter Namely of England Using Mind to Direct Energy to Move Form
Tay Kok Choon of Singapore Using Mind to Direct Energy to Move Form

Striking Hands Taijiquan Intensive -- Fundamental

Fundamentals of Taijiquan -- Overview
Entering Tao
Zhan Zhuang or Stance Training
Bo-Fa or Footwork
Shen-Fa or Body Movement
The Six Harmonies
Cloud Hands
Flowing Water Floatimng Clouds
Fa-Jing or Explode Force
Taijiquan Kicks

Composing Sets from Patterns
White Crrane Flaps Wings
A Set for Many Purposes

Taijiquan Intensive -- Miscellaneous

Embracing Dragon Kick


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