Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

Crouching Tiger against a Charging Bull

Some attackers use the “shoot” to take down an opponent. This is a famous technique in Wrestling, which is a sport protected by safety rules. In real fights where safety rules do not apply, using a shoot is suicidal. You expose your vital spots like your eyes, throat, head and backbone to your opponent's attacks.

There was some heated argument in our Shaolin Wahnam Discussion Forum on whether kungfu techniques were adequate to counter the shoot. Some shoot-lovers went to the extent of saying that Wrestlers were so tough that even striking their head or eyes would not cause them damage! Such a belief is not only naive but highly dangerous.

Others argued that Wrestlers were so fast that they would take down a kungfu exponent before he could hit them. Here it is a question of skills, not techniques. Of course if one is overwhelmingly skillful, he would beat his opponents irrespective of their techniques.

What many people do not realize is that if one is fast enough to grasp his opponent's legs before the opponent could respond effectively, he does not need to take his opponent down to defeat him. He could have struck the opponent's groin or dan tian.

Wrestling is not real fighting; it is a sport. Even if they were fast enough, the Wrestler would not strike the opponent's groin, nor the opponent strike the Wrestler's head. They would wrestle according to Wrestling rules.

But what would you do if an opponent attempts to take you down with a shoot? In this video series various counters to the shoot are shown. These counters cover the shoot at various stages of implementation.

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A Suicidal Attack in Real Fight

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

As the opponent moves in to take down Grandmaster Wong, in an attack commonly called the “shoot”, Grandmaster Wong moves a step backward to avoid the opponent's momentum, and simultaneously strike the opponent's head, which may kill or maim him. Such an attack in a real fight is suicidal. It only makes sense in sports where the attacker is protected by safety rules.

Fierce Tiger Crouching on the Ground

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

If the attacker has grasped your waist, you can squat down and simultaneously drive your elbow onto his head, neck or spine. This pattern is called “Fierce Tiger Crouching on the Ground”. You may move back slightly if needed before squatting down to neutralize the opponent's charging momentum. If you press forward while having the opponent under control, you may dislocate his neck. So be very careful not to hurt your sparring partner in your training.

Heaven Dragon Descends on Earth

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

If the opponent has grasped your legs, you can squat down on a Unicorn Stance and simultaneously strike or press down on his head or back. This pattern is called “Heaven Dragon Descends on Earth”. Your Unicorn Step locks his hands. If you press your body forward without moving your feet, you may dislocate his neck. Do be careful.

Various Counters against Different Stages of the Shoot

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates various counters against the shoot, depending on the various stages the opponent has accomplished. If you are fast enough to avoid his grasp, you move back and simultaneously strike his head. If he has grasped your wrist or one leg, you move down into a half squat. If he has grasped both legs, turn your body slightly as you squat down into a Unicorn Stance.

Taking Care Not to Hurt Sparring Partners

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

Participants practice countering the shoot. In the foreground are Sifu Wong Chun Nga, Mark, Nicky and Dr Roseline. Notice that they take care not to hurt their sparring partners.

Helping One Another in Our Training

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

Sifu Wong Chun Nga explains some subtle points to Mark. Although he is heavier and bigger, he was pushed back by Sifu Wong Chun Nga. Sifu Wong Chun Nga explains that he could neutralize the opponent's charging momentum by moving backward slightly, which he successfully did. Helping one another is a common feature in our training.

Double Dragons Plays with Pearl

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

If the opponent is very strong and big, like Mark, and it is difficult to get him down, an effective counter is to dislocate his neck, which cold kill him. So, alternatively grip his throat with one hand and pull at his jaws with the other hand. This pattern, which can be used to dislocate his neck or just pull at his jaws, is called “Double Dragon Plays with Pearl”.

Having Fun and Injury Free

Shaolin Kungfu Show in Sabah

Another common aspect in our training is having fun. And unlike in many other martial art schools where injuries are common, even expected, combat training in our school is injury free.

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Review of the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course in Sabah in March 2007

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  1. The Basics of Shaolin Kungfu Training
  2. Fundamental Combat Skills
  3. Defeat you Hand to your Opponent, Victory you Create Yourself
  4. Avoiding Disadvantages and Seeking Advantages
  5. Basic Principles and Tactics of Combat
  6. Skills derived from Sparring can be Rewardingly used in Daily Life
  7. Some Secrets in Practicing Genuine Kungfu
  8. Various Ways to Move into an Opponent

  9. Applying Combat Sequences in Sparring
  10. Linking Sequences to be More Combat Efficient
  11. The Secrets of Continuous Cannons
  12. The Mechanics of Continuation
  13. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  14. Perfecting Forms and Developing Force
  15. Applying Tactics in Combat
  16. Objectives of Form Training in Solo

  17. Being Fluent in Kicking Techniques before Applying them in Combat
  18. Using Tactics in Kicking Attacks and Defences
  19. Different Levels of Sophistication in Sparring and Fighting
  20. The Legacy of Uncle Righteousness: Secret of Continuous Cannons and their Counters
  21. Benefiting from the Experiences and Teachings of Past Masters

  22. Poetic Patterns Can be Very Deadly
  23. Moving Back One Step when in Diffiuclt Situations
  24. Linking Sequences to Form a Kungfu Set
  25. Felling Techniques in Kungfu are Different from Judo and Wrestling
  26. Butterfly Palms and Hiding Flowers are Excellent in Countering Felling and Gripping Attacks
  27. Let Mercy Flow from the Hands

  28. Benefits of Solo Set Practice — Combat Sequences 13 to 16
  29. From Pre-Choice Sequences to Free Sparring
  30. Applying Shaolin Patterns Correctly and Spontaneously in Free Sparring
  31. Shaolin Kungfu against Boxing and Kick-Boxing
  32. Shaolin Counters against Wrestling Shoots
  33. The Secret of Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam
  34. Why Shaolin Kungfu is Technically Faster than Boxing
  35. Shaolin Techniques, Tactics and Strategies against Boxing
  36. Revealing Secrets of Past Taijiquan Masters
  37. Overwhelming Opponents with Just One Pattern
  38. Poetry and Elegance in Effective Combat

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