Videos for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members

For Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members

If you follow the videos faithfully, you should be able to fight using kungfu. Morre importantly, you will have good health and vitality.

Non-Shaolin Wahnam Others

Video Lessons for Non-Shaolin Wahnam
Members -- Overview

Others -- Baguazhang

The Stream-Character Stance of Baguzzhang
Mother Palm 1 -- Single changing Palm
Mother Palm 2 -- Double Changing Palm
Mother Palm 3 -- Smooth-Flow Palm
Mother Palm 4 -- Back-Body Palm
Mother Palm 5 -- Turn-Body Palm
Mother Palm 6 -- Circle-Body Palm
Mother Palm 7 -- Rotating-Body Palm
Mother Palm 8 -- Return-Body Palm
Various Strike and Counters in Baguazhang

Simple Baguazhang Technique against Kicks
Felling Attack and its Counter
Getting to Opponent's Back in Baguazhang
Throwing an Opponent to the Ground as He Shoots
Circular Hand to Counter Grips in Baguazhang
Baguazhang for Non-Shaolin Wahnam -- Overview

Eagle Claw

Stance Training for Mental Clarity and Internal Force
some Easier Examples of the 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw
Internal Force Training of Eagle Claw Kungfu
Eagle Claw Guard Hands against a Boxer
Simple Combat Applications of Eagle Claw Kungfu
Using Eagle Claw Kungfu to Handle Kicks
Using Eagle Claw Kungfu to Fell Opponents
Using Circular Hands to Counter Grip;s
Sophisticated Application of Bottom Capture Hand and its Counters
Eagle Claw Kungfu for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members -- Overview

Praying Mantis Kungfu Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Kungfu for Non-Shaolin Wahnam
Members -- Overview

Stance Training for Internal Force and Peak Performance
Selection from the Eighteen Lohan Art
Crushing Fist of Praying Mantis Kungfu
Some Praying Mantis Techniques against Strikes
Seven-Star Chop and Turn Cart of Praying Mantis Kungfu
The Wrong Way and the Right Way of Double Fist
Praying Manstis Techniques against Kicks
Some Famous Praying Mantis Techniques from Past Masters

Southern Shaolin

Southern Shaolin Kungfu for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members -- Overview
Learning the Basic Stances -- the Foundation of Kungfu
Defence against Middle Strikes
Defence against Top Strikes
Defence against Low Strikes
Defence agaisnt Side Strikes
Leqarrning Correct Judgment and Making Instant Change
Defence against any Kick
Break-Falls and Counterrs against Felling Attacks
Use Circular Hand to Counter a Chin-Na Attack
Shaolin Kungfu Set -- Dragon in Zen


Taijiquan for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members -- Overview
Stance Training to Develop Internal Force and Enhance Daily Living
Basic Taijiquan Movement and Footwork
Grasping Sparrow's Tail -- the Mechancs of Taijiquan
Combat Applicatiion of Grasoing Sparrow's Tail
Various Styles of Taijiquan
Basic Taijiquan Set -- Cloud Hands
Developing Various Skills in Stationary Pushing Hads
Frontal Push in Mobile Pushing Hands
Pushing from the Left and from the Right

Taijiquan Getting to the Back of Opponents and its Counter
Sides from Four Dircections -- Top, Middle, Low and Sides
White Crane Flaps Wings against any Kicks
Learning Break-Falls and Avoiding Leverage Advantage
Circular Hand to Counter any Chin-Na Attack


Shaolin Tantui for Non-Shaolin Wahnam
Members -- Overview

Stance Training for Combat Efficiency and Peak Performance
Tantui Sequence 1 -- Thrust Punch
Tantui Sequence 2 -- Kicking Attack
Tantui Sequence 3 -- Cannon to the Sky
Tantui Sequence 4 -- Leopard Punch
Tantui Sequence 5 -- lift Strike
Tantui Sequence 6 -- Double Spread
Tantui Sequence 7 -- Single Spread
Tantui Sequence 8 -- Thrust Kick

Tantui Sequence 9 -- Break Lock
Tantui Sequence 10 -- Arrow Spring
Tantui Sequence 11 -- Hold Horse at Cliff
Tantui Sequence 12 -- Diagonal Strike
Exploding Force in Tantui
Using the Swinging Arms and Snal Kicks of Tantui for Combat
An Excellent Way to Avoid a Kick
Using Tantui Techniques to Fell an Opponent
Avoiding Falls and Using Swinging Arms and Snap Kicks
Application of Break Lock
Combat Application of Double Flying Kick

Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon

Wing Choon Kungfu for Non-Shaolin Wahnam
Members -- Overview

The Basic Stances in Wing Choon Kungfu
Practicing Siu Lin Tou or Little Practice Beginning
without Muscular Strength

Chi Sau or Sticking Hands to Develop Combat Skills
Covering an Opponent Before Attacking Him
Wing Choon Counters against Kicks
Break Falls and Counter against Felling Attack
Circular Hand to Counter Grips


Wuzuquan for Non-Shaolin Wahnam Members -- Overview
Stance Training for Wuzuquan
San Zhan of Wuzuquanor Three Battles of Five-Ancestor Kungfu
Kneading Hands of Wuzuquan
Flick Hand and Thrust Punch
Rotation of Waist and Countering with Thrust Punch
Hand Sweep and Organ-Seeking Kick in Wuzuquan
Hand Sweep according to Movement of Sweeping Kick
Avoiding Leverage Advantage against Felling Techniques
Circular Hand against Grips in Wuzuquan

Shaolin Kungfu

Stance Training of the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course
Footwork at the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course
Lohan Asks the Way with Flow and Force
Moving into an Opponent to Initiate an Attack
Combat Sequences 1-4 -- Training Combat Skills
Combat Application Set 1 -- Black Tiger Steals Heart
Combat Sequences 5-8 -- Expanding Techniques of Striking
Combat Application Set 2 -- Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Combat Sequences 9-12 -- Kicking Attacks
Combat Application Set 3 -- Happy Bird Hops up Branch

Shaolin Poise Patterns Combat Sequences 13-16 -- Felling Techniques and Chin-Na
Combat Application Set 4 -- Fell Tree with Roots
Changing Stances in Continuation of Combat Sequences
Getting to Opponent's Back and Ways of Countering
Techniques and Skills of Follow-Through
One-Finger Shooting Zen -- the Treaure of Shaolin Wahnam
Fa-Jing or Exploding Force with Black Tiger Steals Heart
Covering and Pressing Opponent to a Wall using
Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Counters against Shoots and Pin-Downs
Shaolin Counters against Muay Thai Attacks

Addition and Subtraction of Combat Sequences in Free Sparring
Using Combat Sequences in Free Sparring
Essence of Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course


Essence of Intensive Taijiquan Course
Stance Training of the Intensive Taijiquan Course
Basic Taijiquan Movement and Rotation of the Waist
Grasping Sparrow's Tail -- the Mechancis of Taijiquan
Fa-Jing or Exploding Force in Taijiquan
Combat Sequences 1-3 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Striking Attacks
Taijiquan Combat Application Set 1 -- White Snake Shoots Venom
Combat Sequences 4-6 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Striking and Kicking
Taijiquan Combat Application Set 2 -- Green Dragon Shoots Pearl
Combat Sequences 7-9 of Wahnam Taijiquan -- Kicking Attacks