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The following videos of kungfu sets practiced in Shaolin Wahnam are arranged in alphabetic order. The sets are groped under "Unarmed Sets" and "Weapon Sets".

Unarmed Sets

Baguazhang 8 Mother Palms of Baguazhang (Circle Walking)
12 Animal-Form Continuous Fist of Xingyiquan
12 Fists of Choy-Li-Fatt
12 Sequences of Tantui -- More
18 Collection of Praying Mantis -- More
18 Lohan Set
36 Leg Techniques
36 Specific Techniques Set 2017
50 Sequences of Eagle Claw
72 Chin-Na Techniques
108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan

Abridged San Feng Wudang Set

Black Bear Sinks Hips -- Fast Movement
Black Tiger Steals Heart

Carry Tiger Back to Mountain -- Fast Movement
Cham Kiew of Wing Choon Kungfu
Cloud Hands 2000s -- 2015
Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow -- 2015
Cosmos Palm
Cotton Palm of Wudang Kungfu 2017
Crushing Fist of Praying Mantis Kungfu

Dragon Form -- 2018
Dragon Strength -- Original Version -- 1980s
Dragon in Zen
Dragon-Tiger -- more
Drunken Eight Immortals

Dragon Strength Er Shi Quan (Twenty Punches)
Essence of Shaolin -- 5 Dec 2017 -- 15 Dec 2017

Fell Tree with Roots
Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain
Fierce Tiger Speeds through Valley
Five Animals 2009 -- 2016
Five Element Continuous Fist of Xingyiquan -- 2013 -- 2018
Flower Set -- 2018
Flowing Water Floating Clouds
Four Gates -- 2008

Green Dragon Shoots Pearl -- Fast Movement

Happy Bird Hops up Branch

Lohan Asks the Way 2000 -- 2009
Lohan Tames Tiger
Lohan Walks in the Garden of Timelessness

Iron Wire -- Ireland 2012 -- Portugal 2012 -- Findland 2010

Little Lohan Fist

Monkey Set -- Sifu Roland Mastel -- 2018

Old Eagle Catches Snake

Pakua Set -- more -- more -- more
Phew Chee of Wing Choon Kungfu

Wudang Taijiquan San Feng Wudang Set
San Zhan of Wuzuquan - 2014 -- Sifu Anton Schmick 2017
Seven-Star Set
Shaolin Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set
Shi Zhan of Wuzuquan
Shui Ta of Wing Choon Kungfu -- more
Siu Lin Tou of Wing Choon Kungfu - more
Single Tiger Emerges from Cave -- more
Swimming Dragon of Baguazhang 2012 -- 2013
Sun Style Taijquan

Taijiquan Four-Sequence Four-Attack Set
Taming Tiger -- Finland 2010 -- 1980s
Three-Harmony Set of Wudang Kungfu 2016
Ti Jiao (Kicking Leg)
Tiger-Crane -- 36-Pattern Set 2000 -- more -- 2014 -- 2017
Tiger-Crane -- 72-Pattern Set
Tiger-Crane -- 108-Pattern Set
Triple Stretch -- More -- More

White Snake Shoots Venom -- Fast Movement
Wu Chuan You Style Taijiquan
Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan
Wudang Taijiquan

Yellow Bee Sucks Pollen