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Shaolin murals Special Issues

Over-Training in the Practice
What you will Learn at the Intensive Chi Kung Course
Matter of Course and Matter of Fact
Practicing Gentle Physical Exercise while Thinking it is Chi Kung
Chi Kung and Christianity
Can Kungfu be used for Fighting?
A Street Fighter against a Muay Thai Stylist and a Kungfu Practitioner
The Historical Background of the Small Universe
The Wonderful Life we Have
Gentle Physical Exercise and Chi Kung

Some Real Feelings about Chi (Qi)
Cleansing, Building and Nourishing
Taiji Dance and Taijiquan
Chi Kung State of Mind and Chi Flow
How Cloud Hands Evolved to Taijiquan
The Meaning of Jing in Relation to Jing, Qi and Shen
You Must be Relaxed and Forused when Practicing Chi Kung
Does Practicing Chi Kung Overcome Bad Karma?
The Difference between Strategies and Tactics
Using Strategies on your Future Wife

Why were you Not Combat Efficient when Sigung Lai was a Great Fighter
Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam as a Great Taoist Master
Facial Massage, Point Massage, Heaven Drum and Walking About
Keeping the Mouth Gentle Open and Wearing Shoes
Gas Coming Out. Chi Flow, Spontaneous Breathing and Visualization
The Three Golden Rules of Practice
Three Reasons why Classics are not Easily Understandable
Five Levels of Chi Flow in Bone Marrow Cleansing
High-Level Genuine Chi Kung an Overcome any Illness!
Lohan Asks the Way and the 16 Combat Sequences

Fundamental Skills of Shaolin and Wudang Kungfu
Practitioners, Researchers and Protectors of Shaolin Wahnam
Training Schedule for Chi Kung and Kungfu
Why so Many other Practitioners do not Get Benefits of High-Level Chi Kung
What is First Class Kungfu?
Lifting the Sky
Why have Martial Studies Degraded into a set of Fitness Routine?
Winning the Trust of One's Parents
Internal Force and Applying Kungfu for Combat at the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course
Learning from Books, and Differences between Eastern and Western Cultures

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course Why I could Remain Undefeated in Free Sparring and Real Fights
Asking God for Divine Help
Want to Change, and Want it Enough to Put in Effort
Is Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Still a Part of Energy Blockage?
Carrying the Moon and Women's Youthfulness
Chi Kung (Qigong) and Gentle Physical Exercise
Why should I cast Pearls before Swines
Progress Rate of Shaolin Wahnam Students
Shaolin Wahnam Policy on Challenges

How Chinese Medical Philosophy can Enhance Western Medical Practice
Looking at Diseases from the Chinese Medical Perspective
You have No Choice if you Want to Get Well
Martial Arts or Martial Sports are Not the Same
Not to Worry, Not to Intellectualize, and Enjoy the Practice
Siamese Boxing (Muay Thai) as Taught by Patriarch Ho Fatt Nam

What you Learn in Shaolin Kungfu at Shaolin Wahnam
How to Prepare to Atend the Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course
Chi Flow from being Relaxed to Enlightenment
The Various Types of Chi Flow
A Master Today and a Kungfu Knight in the Past
How does Zhan Zhuang Increase his Chi if it is Just Flowing in a Closed Circuit?
Outline of Chi Kung from Six Months to One Day
Different Manifestations of Chi Flow
Planning a Training Schedule
Not to Worry Applies to our School Only
Letting Go Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually

Learning from Books, Videos or Mediocre Instructors
Prevent Over-Training in Chi Kung

Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course Teaching a New Class
Special Benefits of Wuzuquan
Getting a De-Facto A and a De-Jure C
Why is it Necessary to Learn other Chi Kung Patterns?
Taijiquan Lingage and the Complete Book of Tai Chi Chaun
Is our Lingage Authentic?
Taiji Dance and Genuine Taijiquan

The Amazement Stage and the Amusing Stage
Zhang San Feng and Wudang Taijiquan
Opposition I Faced when Teaching Publicly
Shaolin Kungfu Sets and Teaching
The Benefits you can Get from Shaolin Wahnam
Difference between Techniques and Skills
Chi Flow gives us Good Health, Vitality and Longevity
Mental Clarity, Courtesy and Open Mindedness
Learning and Practicing Complement Each Other
Circulating Chi and Building Chi

What a Master Looks for in a Student
High-Level Chi Kung gives us Good Health, Vitality, Longevity, Peak Performance, and Spiritual Joys

The Weakness of Double Yang
History and Content of Dragon Strength Set
Combining One Exercise from our Chi Kung with any Exercise from Other Chi Kung
Just Don't Worry and Don't Intellectualize
Gentle Physical Exercised instead of Energy Exercise
Five Levels of Chi Kung
A Critic Telling our Administrator how to Run our Forum

chi kung, qigong Chi Kung and Pregnancy
Can Kungfu be Used for Fighting?
Strategy after Walking Seven Steps

How a Woman can Trap a Loving Husband
Preventing Over-Training or Training that is Too Powerful
Yin-Yang Balance in Life
Chi Kung can Overcome Diabetes
From Flowing Force to Consolidated Force
Life is a Meaningful Flow of Energy
Practicing at about 30% to Prevent Over-Training
Freestyle Fighting or Kungfu Fighting
Can we Overcome so-called Incurable Diseases from Videos?

Is there Further Training after an Intensive Course
Our Future World is Bright and Hopeful
Why do You or your Senior Students or Other Real Warriors Not Participate in such Competitions as MMA or UKC?
With a Walker or on a Wheelchair
Charging High Fees for Students' Interest
Internal Force and Eyeryday Life
On God, Buddha and Immortals
How to Trap a Good Husband and be a Good Wife
The Basics are Very Important
Learning Techniques and Deepening Skills

Benefits of Chi Kung
Why do Other People take a few Years to Achieve a Cosmic Shower when we Take only One Day?
We Talk very Highly of Shaolin Kungfu; Other Martial Artists will be Unhappy
Shaolin Eight Eye Exercises
Kungfu that Cannot be used for Combat Ceases to be Kungfu
What I Teach is Different from What I Learned
The Blessing and Responsibility of Being a Husband and Father
Developing Telepathy and Other Abilities
Qi and the Western Scientific Paradigm

Drunken Eight Immortals The Drunken Eight Immortals
Examples of Intellectual Questions
Don't Become a Slave to Intectualization
Really Experiencing Combat Application, Internal Force and Spiritual Joy at Intensive Course
Frequently Asked Questions on Intensive Courses
Why should your School Substitute External Training with Internal Cultivation?
Revealing the Secrets of the Twelve Bridges of the Famous Iron Wire Set
It is a Common Mistake to Practice the Iron Wire Set as an Isometric Exercise
The Hallmarks of Shaolin Kungfu are Compassion and Wisdom
Can Shaolin Kungfu be Used for Fighting?
Combat Efficiency, Health and Spiritual Cultivation

Adding Techniques of Other Martial Arts to Shaolin Kungfu
Free Sparring Without Protection Gears yet No Injuries
Cultivating to be Comfortable under Pressure
The Benefits of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)
Using Mind to Move Chi, Using Chi to Move Form
Theory and Experience in Eastern Culture
What should we Do when we have Over-Trained
Sitting on a Chair and in a Lotus Position
Beautiful Travels in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain
Secrets in Chi Kung and Kungfu

Techniques, Skills and Results
Chi Kung and Martial Arts have Lost their Essence
Chinese Words Originally in Chi Kung
I'm very Stressed out for a 15-Year Old
How to Become a Pleasant Person
Shaolin Arts and Mental Disorders
Abdominal Breathing and Diaphramatic Breathing
Chi Kung and Depression
Developing Internal Force in a Few Days!
Yin-Yang Harmony and Jing, Qi, Shen

I would like to Know more about You and your Martial Arts
Cleansing, Building and Nourishing in Chi Kung
Why Shaolin Practitioners Benefit More than Tai Chi Chuan Practitioners in the Tai Chi Chuan Festival
The Benefits Shaolin Practitioners Get in Learning Tai Chi Chuan
Why is your Intensive Course so Expensive?
Conducting Research in Qigong
Qigong and Science
Finding a Good Girlfriend or Wife
Attend my Course but Cannot do so Because of Some Reasons
The Practice of Grandmaster Wong in te Progress of Becoming a Master

In Switzerland Chi Kung and Professional Sports
Simple, Direct, Effective
Basic Kungfu, Good Kungfu and Great Kungfu
Forgiving is Divine
The Difference between Taiji Dance and Taijiquan
Past Kungfu Masters on Cosmic Reality
Topics or Concepts Discussed with Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam
Isn't it a Contradiction to Learn Kungfu and Chi Kung from Books and Videos
What is Internal Force and What are its Benefits?
Kungfu Stories about the Burning of the Shaolin Monastery

Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
No Chi flow after Many Years
Karate-Like Kungfu
Tense your Arm, Don't Tense your Arm
Abdominal Breathing, Dan Tian Breathing, and Cosmic Breathing
What is your Oppinion on the Philosophy of Bruse Lee as Reflected in his Martial Art?
Why do People Say my Courses are Expensive?
Instilling Confidence in Chi Kung Healing
The Mouth is Gently Open when Practicing Chi Kung
Is Internal Force Useful to People who do Not Practice Martial Art?

To be Able to Relax Physically and Mentally
Why Can't Kungfu Practitioners Use Kungfu for Combat
Kungfu Forms for Fighting?
Kungfu Forms, Kick-Boxing and Chi Kung
Interesting Background of Shaolin Wahnam Kungfu Sets
Clearing the Confusion over Kungfu, Wushu and Self-Defence
Secret Teachings of Grandmaster Lam Sai Weng Hidden in the Open
Over-Training is a Serious Feature in our School
Sinew Metamorphosis Without Visualization and Breathing Methods can Produce so much Internal Force
It is a Characteristic of Chi (Qi) to Flow where it is Needed Most

Are you Using a Radical Different Method than the Traditional Route?
The Chi Kung Way of Viewing Illness
Gentle Physical Exercise, Low-Level Chi Kung, and High-Level Chi Kung
Genuine Shaolin Kungfu and Modern San Shou
Chi Cultivation and Hard Work
Chi Flow Not Taught in Other Schools
Learning Chi Kung Skills from a Master
Kungfu and Wushu
How did my Sifu Know about our Secret
Does Practicing Different Kungfu Styles or Many Kungfu Sets Contribute to or Distract from Kungfu Porgress?

rotating knees Does Xingyiquan belong to Shaolin or Wudang?
Over-Training and Preventing Over-Training
Should Chinese and Western Medicine be Integrated into a Single System
Chi Flow and Many Chi Kung Exercises
It's Skills, not Techniques, that are Important
Marital Duties and Kungfu Training
Traditional Training of Taijiquan and Shaolin Kungfu
Internal Force in Daily Living
The Special Features of the Wuzuquan Course
Various Types of Chi Flow

The Historical Background of Chi Flow in Shaolin Wahnam
Chi Flow is Very Importan in our School
Interesting Stories about Chi Flow
Jing, Qi, Shen, or the Physical, Energy and Spirit
The Small Universe
Entering into a Chi Kung State of Mind
Why aren't Other Schools have Chi Flow?
Telling Friends of Wonderful Results after Intensive Chi Kung Course
Historical Development of Shaolin Wahnam Arts

Don't Worry, Don't Intellectualize, and Enjoy the Practice
The Masters I Learned from in Shaolin Kungfu
Issuing and Accepting Challenges
We Fight Only when we are Very Sure of Winning
Gentle Physical Exercise and Chi Kung; can I Develop?
The Meaning and Purpose of Shaolin Kungfu
Where Science and Religon Meet
Shaolin Kungfu and Zen
Western Medicine does not have the Concept of Energy and Mind in Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Ignorant Teaching Others about Shaolin Kungfu

Various Diseaes and Chi Kung
Whether a Taijiquan Teacher can use his Art for Combat
Free Sparring is Injury Free in Shaolin Wahnam
How I Met my Sifus
How does Chi Kung Contribute to Morality and Spirituality
Why is Shaolin Kungfu More Effective in Combat than Other Martial Arts
Advanced Practitioners Attending Same Course
Why are you so Greedy to Charge $1500 for a Few Days
If your Sifu were Wrong
Learning Kungfu as a Student

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit Becoming a Shaolin Kungfu Master
Spiritual Joys and Becoming a Master
Where is Shaolin Kungfu Taught if Not at the Shaolin Temple?
Shaolin Kungfu and the Shaolin Temple
Opportunities to Demonstrate in Public and Win Competitions in Modernized Wushu
Shaolin Kungfu has been Debased Beyond Recognition
Kungfu should be used for Combat and Chi Kung should have Chi Experience
Knowing we Practice Chi Kung and Not Gentle Physical Exercise
The Best of the Best in Developiong Internal Force
Qigong and Gentle Physical Exercise

Practicing Qigong and Not Gentle Physical Exercise
Why is your Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course so Expensive?
The Benefits of our Intensive Chi Kung Course
How to Get over Feelings of Anger and Despair
The Difference between Aikido and Taijiquan
Is it Not True there is Only One Truth and One God?
How does Chi Flow Overcome Illness
How Chi Kung can Overcome Crohn's Disease, or any Disease
A Question of Paradigm
Why will No Masters Come Forward to Conclusively Prove Once and for All that Qi is Real and that Qi-Gong is Not a Fake Healing Art?

Genuine Qigong (Chi Kung) is for the Deserving
Jeet Kwon Do and Genuine Kungfu
Important Points of Grandmaster Lam Sai Weng
12 Bridges of Hoong Ka Kungfu
Perception of Cause of Disease
Secrets in Free Sparring
A Lot of Martial Art Information is Mis-Leading or Incorrect
Practicing Skills and Practicing Techniques
Three Principles in Chi Kung Healing
Difference between Learning and Practicing, Information and Performance

Cancer can be Overcome
We have Reached a very Rare and Privileged Stage in the Development of our School
Being Good at Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)
Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) in a Chi Kung State of Mind
Would you be Kind to Hold an Intensive Taijiquan Course
Practicing More before Teaching Others
To Prove that Qi is Real and Qigong Not a Fake Healing Art
We are Now Living in a Golden Age
Is Qi Real or Just an Illusion

Sifu Andew and his son Is Qiogng Practice Real; Is Eating Food Real?
Chi Flow and Quality of Life
It is Hard to Find Real Kungfu Nowadays
Difference between Shaolin Kungfu in Shaolin Wahnam and Martial Art in Shaolin Temple at Henan Today
Meditation, or Zuo Chan or Jing Zuo
Bouncing about like Kids and Using Kickboxing Techniques while Sparring
What do you Think of Bruce Lee as a Martial Artist?
Risks of Self-Learning and Unqualified Teaching
Wu-Wei, or Doing Nothing and Everything will be done for You
To Tell the Truth which is Usually Unpleasant or to be Civil and Say Pleasant Things

Can we Learn Good Kungfu from Books?
You must always Respect your Teacher even when you have Surpassed Him
Sex and Man
Practicing only Forms and Using Other Martial Arts to Fight
How did Chi Kung Know which Disease to Overcome
Specialist Great Masters or All-Rounder Great Masters
Don't Teach Others unless you have been Certified by the Grandmaster
We Need to Damage when Necessary
Important Points about Kicks
Combat Sets and Classical Sets in Shaolin Kungfu

Why is Practicing Different Styles Detrimental to Others but Contributing to Us?
Flowing Force and Consolidated Force
Tiet Sin Kuen or Iron-Wire Set
Stop Worrying about Unnecessary Details and Enjoy your Practice
Yin-Yang Harmony in Taijiquan and in Life
How did Grandmaster Wong Achieve so Much?
Skills and Techniques in Bone Marrow Cleansing
Transcendtal Reality and Phenomenal Reality
Ji Jin Jing or Sinew Metamorphosis
How do we Know if we are Practicing Correctly

Why are You so Generous with Secrets
Illness, Injury and Lack of Vitality
Chi Kung and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Sifu Gu Ru Zhang Demonstrated the Shaolin Philosophy of Compassion and Wisdom
The Huge Gap between Shaolin and Other Martial Arts
The Huge Difference between Shaolin Kungfu and Karate
The Unbelievable Achievements of Shaolin Kungfu
Abstinence from Sex?
What Benefits you can Find in Shaolin Kungfu that you Cannot Find in Other Martial Arts
Kungfu Now and in the Past

Sifu Sippe Walking about Before and After Chi Kung Practice
Northern Shaolin, Southern Shaolin, and Wing Choon Kicks
Should we Simplify Kungfu for Fighting?
Describing a Problem and Defining a Problem
Good Pain and Bad Pain
Metaphysics of the Saha World
Learning Skills and Learning Techniques
Sparring and Kungfu Culture
Can you Effectively Learn how to use Kungfu for Sparring in an Course?
Wudang Taijiquan, Essence of Shaolin, Dragon Strength

Guan Yin Bodhisattva and her Connection with Shaolin Wahnam
The Type of Students Genuine Masters Want
Wu Xing or Five Elemental Processes
Chi Kung and Sexual Intercourse
San Da Changed from Kungfu to Boxing
How May We Apply the Treatise of Zhang San Feng to your Teaching
Entering the Way, Nourishing Heart, Stabilizing Nature, Accumulating Energy and Focusing Spirit
Good Health and Happinese after Chi Kung Course
Being Sceptical and Teaching Ohters
Self-Taught Meditation for Spiritual Cultivation

Aha Experiences in the Practice of Taijiquan
The Treatise of Zhang San Feng as Taught in Shaolin Wahnam
Who was the Taijiquan Teacher of Grandmaster Wong?
Using Chi Kung Paradigm in Chi Kung Reseach
Benefits of Taijiquan that Other Martial Arts Do Not Have
Ultimate Aim of Shaolin Kungfu and Taijiquan
Chi Kung Can Overcome Illness
Four Versions of Shaolin Kungfu or Any Kungfu
The Emotions and the Internal Organs
Kungfu Masters in the Past were Sick Despite Having Internal Force

Three-Circle Stance and Golden Bridge
Trying to be Smarter than the Master
How Granmaster Wong Learned these Weapon Sets
Kungfu Weapons and their Benefits
Kungfu Weapons Enhance Advanced Partitioners in Kungfu and Chi Kung
Kungfu and Health
The Principles of Gradual Progress and Persistent Training
Overcomimng Spine or Back Problems
Is Wushu the Same as Kungfu?
Sending Energy to Someone Unknown

intensive shaolin Having the Best Prencancy Experience
Learning Kungfu and Learning from Books
Two Main Types of Meditation
If you Treat your Older Students as Old and Weak, they will Remain Old and Weak
Confidence and Sincerity in Teaching our Students

Chi kung

You can Eat your Cake and Chocolate
Cancer can be Overcome
History of Chi Flow in Shaolin Wahnam
Stopping Rain and Experiencing Cosmic Reality
Can Chi Kung Overcome Cancer?
Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands
Qigong: a Cure for Cancer and Chronic, Degenetative Diseases?
Chi Kung: the Art of Developing Vital Energy
Is Yi Jin Jing a Sutra or Chi Kung?

18 Jewels

Questions on 18 Jewels -- Overview
Historical Development of 18 Jewels
Is White Crane Step on Snow Related to the Art of Lightness
Low and High Levels; Skills and Techniques
Is it Necessary to have a Chi Flow after Practicing a Chi Kung Technique?
The Art of Lightness
Risks of Learning the Art of Lightness from Classics
A Miraclous Healer
Pattern Names of 18 Jewels

18 Lohan Hands

Questions on 18 Lohan Hands -- Overview
18 Lohan Hands and the 18 Lohans
Aha Experiences of Lifting the Sky
When the Student's Interest would be Best Served by Practicing the 18 Lohan Hands
Evolution of 18 Lohan Hands into 18 Lohan-Art
What Grandmaster Wong Learned from his Teacher, and the Depth of 18 Lohan Hands
The Extraordinary Opportunity to Learn from a Great Master
18 Lohan Hands and Bone Marrow Cleansing
Chi Flow and Exercise Selection in Chi Kung Training
Techniques and Skills of Cosmic Shower
Ensuring Lasting Benefits of Chi Kung Practice

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit Grasping Sparrow's Tail

Questions on Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow -- Overview
Cloud Hands, Grasping Sparrow's Tail and Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow
Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow and 108-Yang Style Taijiquan
Cloud Hands and Grasping Sparrow's Tails
Shaolin Wahnam Verson of 108-Pattern Yang Style Taijiquan
Secrets for Training the 13 Techniques
Flow Method in Connection with Mind Level and Cosmic Breathing
White Crane Flaps Wings and Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow
Why is Cloud Hands Grasp Sparrow Not in our Standard Syllanus?
Manifesting the Spirits of Various Animals in Taijiquan
Exploding Force from the Waist and from the Wrist
Double Tiger Claws and Cloud Hands


Amazing Techniques in Shaolin Kungfu
Angry Bull Charges at Fence
Against Being Held from Behind
Shaolin Kungfu against Western Boxing
Counter against Arm being Twisted and Leg being Stepped
Combat Application of Kungfu
Taijiquan Defence against Elbow Attack
Combat Application of the Shaolin Flower Set
Is Shaolin Kungfu too Flowery for Combat?
Flowing Characteristic of Taijiquan

Application of Wing Choon Folding Arms
Some Combat Application of Chen Style Taijiiquan
Taijiquan Techniques against Knee Strikes
Counter against Threatening Knife from the Back
Are these Kungfu Patterns Realistic and Practical in Combat?
Taijiquan Techniques against Knee Jabs
Seven-Star Anchor and Slantingly Throw Step
What you should Do and should Not Do when Sparring
Grasping Sparrow's Tail against All Attacks
Counter against Thrust Kicks when Hands are Held

How are the following Tiger Patterns in Hoong Ka Kungfu used in Combat Application?
Wave Tactic of Choy-Li-Fatt Kungfu
How would a Wing Choon Exponent Counter Side Attacks